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Dan (Ex-Convict - FUEL Mentor)
Dan (Ex-Convict - FUEL Mentor)
Carmine (Former Drug Addict - FUEL Mentor)
Carmine (Former Drug Addict - FUEL Mentor)
Sean (Former Alcoholic - FUEL Mentor)
Sean (Former Alcoholic - FUEL Mentor)

Hey there,

My name is Matt Arellano and I am the founder of the FUEL Study. Before you go and scroll down, I challenge you to read about my journey and see if you can relate, deal?

FUEL was started after a friend and I were honest about the constant sin in our lives and the struggles that we were facing daily with our engulfing addiction to porn and other life-dominating sins that were affecting both of our abilities to find peace, joy and hope. It was affecting our work, our relationships, and our personal life. We felt weighed down by guilt and the constant bondage…

Finally, enough was enough and we needed to get get series about the very thing that was trying to destroy us!

I started thinking about what I had done and how this sin was ruining my life. After all, I was a Christian but I couldn’t seem to find the power when I got back into a rut with sin…

So I started searching for a simple explanation and then it all clicked”¦

When we we were honest with ourselves about our sin, and only when we wholeheartedly seeked the transformation of Christ through constant prayer and petition, our hearts began to change from the inside-out. I had a new mentality of wanting to read and apply the prescriptions the Bible had for a better life, and only there we found life changing results.

Here’s the deal…
There are hundreds, if not thousands of programs, out there that have you read verses or follow specific steps, but they aren’t honest about long term progress. Because true progress comes from a miraculous change. This kind of change can only be found from above, divine intervention!

True progress starts outside of yourself, and only with God.

When you realize that you are the problem and that you’ve been trying to do this by your own strength alone, you can have the same epiphany moment we had. If God created the heavens and created the constants of this Universe, couldn’t he also help you overcome these challenges? The short answer is YES!

We want to cast your gaze to the future and leave behind the past.

The Bible tells that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds in Romans 12:2. Together over the next 40 days you’ll see first hand how learning and applying the truths from the Bible can change your life forever.

So what do you say? Are you ready to take a risk and be bold with us to change your life?


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To Your Health & Success,


Matt Arellano
“FUEL Study – Transforming Your Life”


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